Recruitment of qualified specialists and executives

Scheibert & Meissner Personalberatung GbR in Berlin is since 2005 active in headhunting and recruitment of qualified specialists and executives nationally and internationally. Focal points of our work are recruitment especially for technical and marketing-oriented vacancies in engineering, suppliers industry as well as in the health care sector. But also recruitment for more exceptional vacancies, such as filling the position of a managing director for a non-profit organization or boarding school ,we carried out successfully for our clients.

For the health care sector we created an own portal (www.berma-personal.de) in which we specialized a.o. on the recruitment of well educated and experienced nurses (male/female) from the Philippines who we train in a nine month long German language course up to B2 language level. Currently, we are also conducting pilot projects for the recruitment of English-speaking software developers (male/female) from the Philippines. Please do not hesitate contacting us if we can assist you or if you have related questions!

We thank you for your interest in the work of Scheibert & Meissner Personalberatung and we are looking forward to get to know you.

With our consulting services we would like to address companies and individuals and support them in their development and change processes. Please see our homepage for detailed information on our working methods and the scope of our services.

Wolf-Dieter ScheibertJörg Meißner

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